About us

We are two friends who are fully insured for pet boarding and dog walking and other pet care services who have owned and cared for dogs and other pets for 30 years. Other family members are qualified dog trainers so, as a family, we are all truly dog mad!

Sadie and WillowWe have our own well socialised female dog, Willow (Border Terrier) who is happy to accept other dogs into our home and provide company when we are attending to other pet care/domestic duties. We make every attempt not to be away from home for more than 3 hours at a time and will not take in more than 4 dogs as home boarders except for the odd days when bookings may overlap.

All in all, we aim to replicate the kind of care that your dog receives in its own home to the extent that we will even allow your dog onto a sofa if they are not used to a dog bed at home. Our experience tells us that keeping a dog’s routine as close to its home life as possible means they settle in quickly and we do want your dog to feel ‘at home’.

When dog walking, we aim not to walk more than 4 dogs at a time in order to ensure we have control and also so that your dog has the attention it deserves.

Whatever pet care service you need we will take your details to plan your specific requirements into our schedule. We will give you a quick response and, once availability and rates have been confirmed, we will follow up with either an invitation to visit us with your dog(s) for dog boarding or in the case of dog walking arrange a visit to you.