Frequently asked questions

Will my dog miss me terribly?
No, is the honest answer. Some dogs may be unsettled for the first few hours but quickly settle in after their first walk and meal. We then keep to an exercise and feeding routine that reassures them that they are being cared for and are safe.

Do you provide their food?
We can do but we feel that your dog will be less prone to a stomach upset triggered by a change of diet if you bring the food that it normally enjoys at home. We will, of course, adhere to any special diets or medicines that your pet requires.

Where will my dog sleep?
If your dog is has its own dog bed at home, we will ask that you provide it. If your dog is allowed on a chair or sofa during the day, we will place a cover on our sofa and allow the dog to lie there. At night, your dog will sleep wherever it would do at home e.g. in its bed downstairs, in its bed upstairs, or in the case of truly spoiled small dogs on our beds (but don’t tell anyone especially Willow).

What exercise will my dog get?
Your dog will have a minimum of one morning and one afternoon walk and comfort breaks throughout the day. Additional longer walks will be provided subject to other pet care commitments on the day………and the Yorkshire weather.

What happens if my dog becomes ill during its stay?
We always take details of your vet when accepting a booking and will assume a right to seek treatment on your behalf. Either the vet will invoice you on your return or will seek reimbursement from you for any expenses incurred.

How will I be charged?
We will take a non–refundable deposit of 50% on confirmation of booking and then the remaining 50% at the beginning of your dogs stay. Payment can be made either by cash or cheque.

Will my dog be walked on or off the lead?
We will take your advice on this and adhere to your guidance. However, even if you do give your consent to allow your dog to be walked off the lead, initially we will walk your dog on the lead until we are confident in its behaviour.

How do I know my dog won’t catch anything from mixing with your own dogs and other dogs in your care?
Willow is kept fully up to date with her booster vaccinations and we require proof that all dogs in our care are also up to date.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have specialist insurance designed specifically for pet minders and pet walkers the principal features of which are available on request.

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